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 Frequently Asked Questions


Who can lend from the HUB library? 

Middle Tennessee STEM teachers receive lending priority. Secondary priority goes to other Middle Tennessee teachers and community organizations. 


How do you start the process?  

Start by creating an account on the inventory page and then confirm your email address via your welcome email. Afterwards, you may proceed to checkout your items and await rental approval from our staff.  


How long is the rental duration? 

Items are typically borrowed for two weeks at a time. Longer periods of lending may be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact us at to ask about extended lending. Some items may be subject to a buffer between rentals to allow check-in procedures. 


How do I receive my item(s)? 

Borrowed items must be picked up at the previously agreed upon time to ensure someone is prepared to meet with you.  


To find our office, go to 820 Fairview Ave, Suite 102 on the campus of MTSU. Enter our building from the Greenland Drive entrance and through the door with the Middle Tennessee STEM Education Center logo. Once at our office, you will receive a brief training session and policy review for your borrowed items. Additional operational instruction and lesson plans resources can be found on the website or in your own research. Each teacher is responsible for the specifics of their lesson plan to fit their individual classes and how the item will be used. We provide a simple overview of how the items function and the proper care and use for them. After you pick up your item, you are good to go!  

Where should I return my rentals? 

Borrowed items are to be returned at our office, at the same location as the pickup, during the previously arranged drop-off time. 


Will I need extra equipment? 

Most of our items do not require any additional equipment and are self-contained but some items require computers or laptops, devices that can download an app, etc. Please read the item description carefully so that you can be sure you have everything necessary to make these items most useful. 


Where should the items be stored? 

While borrowed, items should be kept in a safe and secure location. Please do not leave items unattended, unsecured, or inside a vehicle.  


What if you experience technical issues? 

All items will be checked to ensure basic function before being released to be borrowed. However, if a basic function is impeded during the rental period, please contact our staff at and we will attempt to resolve these.

Is there a Lending Library user agreement? 

Yes. Please click here to read the full user agreement.



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