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About the Library

The Middle Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub, housed at Middle Tennessee State University, has hundreds of items available to support a variety of STEM lessons. We have items appropriate for different grade levels K-12 and assist students in learning coding, math, science, engineering, and technology. These resources are available to teachers in the Middle Tennessee region for free and may require some training. Middle Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub is excited to partner with you and be a resource to enhance your classroom.

Get started with your curriculum enhancement today by simply creating an account on the Lending Library Inventory page. Browse and select the tools best suited for your classroom needs. Checkout and await a quick order confirmation from our staff. It’s that easy! 

Collection includes robots, 3-D printers, 3-D printer filament, scientific measuring equipment, calculators, field microscopes, robotic build kits, experiment books, kindles, field lab equipment, and much more!

Spotlight on Coding

Featured are 3 fantastic learning devices that can be checked out from our lending library to bring interactive, engaging, and skill-building tools to your classroom!

The Sphero Bolt, a set of 15 small spherical robots that can be operated manually or with coded movements to complete a large variety of tasks. The Sphero Edu app includes lesson plans, progress checks, and instructional videos to help teach your students the fundamentals of coding.

The Middle TN STEM Hub houses 5 lendable Tello Drone kits. The compact, camera-mounted drones are perfect for introducing students to drone technology, and the Tello Edu app includes flight training, virtual practice runs, and even block coding!

Our VEX Robotics kits are a perfect way to introduce students to engineering, robotic design, and coding. Through the VEX website and app, students from kindergarten to high school can learn 3 coding languages and even have access to professional development courses!

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