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Mid TN STEM Hub leads another round of successful Innovative Educator Workshops

TSIN and the Middle TN STEM Innovation Hub, hosted at TSEC, continued their long-standing collaboration to bring exciting professional development credit opportunities to educators all over the mid-state through the annual Innovative Educator Workshop series. The day-long workshops offer catered lunch, mileage reimbursement, and small stipends alongside the expert knowledge offered by local educators. These speakers, leaders in their fields, guide middle TN k-12 teachers through many different challenges they may face, from school STEM designations to implementing experiential learning.

Innovative Educator Workshop: Incorporating Biotechnology in the Classroom

Speaker: Melissa Bunch

Innovative Educator Workshop: Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL): The Fundamentals

Speaker: Dr. Amy Phelps

Innovative Educator Workshop: The Journey of STEM and STEAM Designation

Speaker: Lea Bartch

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